Architectural challenges, vertical ambition & adequacy with dense urban environments


Thanks to the enhancement of their technical skills and the adaptation of these skills to the particularities of the different projects, setec tpi’s teams have contributed to several complex structures projects.


To answer to the aforementioned challenges, setec tpi continuously develops its technical expertise and encourages the innovation, especially concerning the use of new materials such as the high-performant concrete at La Défense with the use of wood (Adivbois). In addition, the use of BIM allows the key stakeholders to take part at the earliest stages of the projects.


Numerical computation software


setec tpi trains its teams of engineers in the use of in house developed finite elements numerical computing software. Pythagore software enables a case-by-case approach of projects, with a particular focus on the linear or non-linear dynamic calculation in cases of wind and earthquakes.




setec tpi provides our clients with a significant portfolio of very relevant projects.  This portfolio provides lessons learnt that our young and dynamic teams will use in order to optimise structures, reduce programme and use of materials, and provide our clients with the best solutions. These optimisation tools allow setec tpi to face tomorrow’s challenges: build more with less, plan the reuse of high-rise buildings and integrate the environmental factors to construction projects. Currently, we lead for example the rehabilitation of projects in order to give them a second life without demolition.


This will, and the multiple project references that we accumulated, allow us to achieve the highest standards for all the services provided from the design phase to the construction as well as the production of detailed works execution deliverables.



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