The D2 Tower is located on the edge of the circular boulevard in La Défense, surrounded by the CB16, Aurore and Manhattan towers, in the extension of the CBX tower. It will replace the current Véritas building.


The D2 Tower is the first tower of mixed load-bearing structure in La Défense with a metallic exo-structure. Its framework consists of a reinforced concrete core and an external steel mesh, the design of which forms faceted diamonds. It is capped with a roof garden on its top floor.



  • Complete structure project management
  • Preliminary design studies
  • Drafting of the business consultation document for the structure part
  • Work monitoring and control of execution plans


Key information


Client: SAS Tour D2: Sogeprom – Bouygues Immobilier

Project management Consortium: setec tpi (agent), DVVD, Atelier d ‘Architecture Anthony BECHU & Tom Sheehan

Cost of works: 172,000,000 €

Duration: 2008 -2012



In a Nutshell

60mdepth foundations
50000m²usable surface