Taking part in the design and management of prestigious and iconic projects


Our technical excellence


Learn  and enhance your skills from our experts and our “internal university”, training modules available for all employees.


Stand out by teaching in some of the most prestigious engineering schools or by participating in renowned technical conferences where you can share your knowledge and skills.


Discover setec tpi’s recent rewards recognising our teams’ technical quality, innovation and excellence

Our welcoming and warm working environment


Develop your career in a fulfilling and thriving environment, supported by a close management team and an understanding HR team, working with entirely engaged and passionate colleagues.


Benefit from some work advantages such as home office, part time, company savings plan, sports and social activities, nursery, restaurant, …


Our commitment


Engage with us :



  • In tomorrow’s world, integrating the innovation as an element of our projects (BIM, eco-design, software, setec labs, …)


  • In humanitarian and charity actions: in 2019 setec has partnered with Bridges to Prosperity in Rwanda for the construction of a footbridge over the Rukurara bridge with the highest safety standards. A team of voluntary engineers was mobilised on site for the construction of this footbridge. Discover this “Engineers & Citizens” project.



  • In our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies


Women-Men equality: We are proud of our 89/100 Women-Men Equality index that confirms how setec tpi is fully commited with the respect in its female and male team members.


Intergenerational sharing practices : Some of our employees are renowned experts and retired engineers who actively participate in our training programmes. At the same time, we welcome and train approximately 30 internes every year.


Disabled people : Every year, we raise awareness of the disabled people’s problems among our employees. In 2019, we took part in the DUODAY event and we welcomed some disabled workers in order to show them our company activity as well as the disciplines and projects we work on.


Our independence


setec tpi is owned by its employees and shareholders.


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