setec tpi’s engineers share their knowledge and experience in construction related disciplines as part of several teaching programmes with renowned engineering and architecture schools.


Laurent Bérend – Teacher at the ENPC (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech) and at the CHEC (Centre des Hautes Etudes et de la Construction)


Laurent Bérend teaches Design of Underground Structures at the ENPC since 2016


“I have been a student of the Design of Undergound Structures course at ENPC and when they asked me to teach it, I thought that it was a fair return. The act of teaching is a way of give to others what you have received, it is a complete personal satisfaction. Answering those questions that seem easy at first, allows us to become more pedagogical and to challenge our own reasoning.


setec’s reputation drives the structure and syllabus of its teaching programme with a more practical approach led by true technical key members that differentiate itself from the standard teaching approach. We introduce ourselves as teachers that work in setec, there is a pride of belonging.”


Amen Tognevi – ENPC (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech) Alumni

” Michel Bué, setec tpi’s Research and Development Director and my professor at ENPC, has clearly influenced my choice for a company to work for after my European Civil Engineering Masters, due to his rigorous knowledge of scientific theories.


The mix of being teacher and engineer gives a practical approach, they know what they say and they can orientate the students on the traps to be avoided and answer with less conventional aspects. It is thanks to setec’s teachers that I discovered setec”.


Alexandre Marchandot – ESTP (École Spéciale des Travaux Publics) Alumni

” I discovered setec at the ESTP forum in January 2012. It was while I was talking to an engineer from setec tpi that I decided to apply for a job here.


Schools renew their trust in setec because they know that knowledge that they provide is a good foundation in order to succeed in our company. Teaching is a key communication channel for setec tpi towards schools and forums. Teachers create or removes this craving in the students by describing what they do and forums are very useful to answer to the questions of the students.”



Marie Courbon – CHEC (Centre Des Hautes Etudes et de la Construction) Alumni


“Before getting to school I didn’t know setec and as students, we inquire about the companies that our teachers work for because they are their representatives.


There is a true difference between a traditional teacher and an “engineer teacher”: more thorough explanations, with a practical approach, very precise. The student’s approach is also different: we feel more confidence towards an engineer, and we see our professional selves in him or her.


After school, I applied to several companies and received several job offers but I chose setec tpi due the reputation and image shared by its engineers teachers during my studies.


In the future I would like to teach as well. I find it very important to transfer our knowledge as well as share our experiences with others”


Jocelyn Poulain – Teacher at the ESTP (Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics)


Jocelyn Poulain teaches Reinfoced and Prestressed Concrete and Strength of Materials at the ESTP since 2002.


“The key motivation was my vocation to teach.


Teaching is a proven mean for setec tpi to make itself known between the students and therefore to be able to recruit the best of them. We present our projects as part of the classes we teach, the best value for money marketing!


WIth respect to our client, teaching is an important added value and legitimises even more our expertise profile.


Stéphanie Soueid – ENPC (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech) alumni


“In Lebanon I didn’t know any of the French engineering consultancies. Later, the teachers at ENPC have strongly influenced my choice for the end-of-masters internship that became my permanent job position. setec tpi leaves a mark in the international students in the French schools thanks to its image of excellence in engineering.


Teaching is a very good marketing technique for the company!


I think that schools deliver very few courses on the design of structures. If I were to teach, I would consider that to be the best way to conceive a structure, the structural form but also the way it lays out in the space and the time with all the conditions that surround it.”


Michel Bué – Teacher at ENPC (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)


Michel Bué teaches at the ENPC since the 90’s and, in particular, Reinforced Concrete applications and Advanced Reinforced Concrete since 2000.


“Teaching is an excellent self-training: you have to master your subject in order to be able to respond to the students’ questions. It develops the pedagogical talents as well: you have to be able to explain things as simply as possible while ensuring the maximum amount of details.


Teaching also contributes to setec tpi’s influence and reputation with respect to clients (for whom teaching is a proof of the mastering of a field of expertise) as well as to students. To the latter, we make setec tpi known and then they apply to many of our internship opportunities, potentially becoming permanent employees at the end.”

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