Rotana Hotel, UAE based hotel group, decided in 2006 to open their new hotel in Amman.

As a result of an international bid process, the project was awarded to the team led by Architecture Studio that started the design of this 5 stars hotel, with 11 floors dedicated office space and a shopping area.

The project reaches a height of 188m and is remarkably slender with a variable geometry. Some of the challenges in the design of this structure are the seismicity of the area, the big hall located in the lower ground floor and the 5-storey high “lantern” suspended from the core of the structure.




As part of an international team, setec tpi is the principal structural designer in partnership with a local engineering consultancy for the Design Development phase.

Setec tpi’s responsibilities are:

  • Detailed Design of the tower’s structure, including a finite elements modelling.
  • Define the project execution methodology
  • Define additional project requirements such as geotechnics or wind tests


Key information

Client : Rotana Hotel

Designer : S. Architecture-Studio

Structural designer : setec tpi partenariat + Sigma (local engineering firm)

Period : 2006 – 2008

© A.S. Architecture Studio / Photograph Ayman Alakhras

In a Nutshell

456 300 m²surface
49over ground floors
188 mHhigh