setec tpi applies its know-how to the reinforcement and improvement of infrastructures’ life duration



The renovation and repair of large infrastructures, the limited supply of space and resources, operational life duration and the obligation to always meet the highest safety standards are the challenges continuously being faced by project owners and infrastructure operators.


setec tpi supports and advises its clients on the maintenance, repair and reinforcement of their infrastructures. Our engineers’ expertise covers a wide spectrum of maintenance and repair techniques as well as the understanding and ability to meet regulations requirements. Setec tpi provides with services like diagnosis, feasibility design, expertise and consultancy, design, construction project design and construction supervision.


Positioning and technical challenges


The reconstruction of infrastructures at the end of their operational life and their reinforcement due to an evolution of their functionality, increase of capacity or update of regulation and standards are within setec tpi’s experience.

setec tpi also supports its clients providing them with advices on the exploitation and elaboration of maintenance strategies in order to guarantee the designed life duration of the projects.




  • Understanding of the materials and techniques used during the construction of the project.
  • Experts in innovative repair techniques such as:
    • Carbon fibre
    • PCCI
    • Crack filling injection
    • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Technical expertise in construction works on operational infrastructures with more complex accessibilities.
  • Understanding and software use ability adapted to projects, especially PYTHAGORE, the in-house developed numerical computing software that we constantly enhance and adapt to projects. Our engineers also master the use of other renowned finite elements computing softwares in the industry such as ANSYS or CESAR.


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