setec tpi’s teams work on challenging projects, providing inspiring technical solutions: this is the best foundation for innovation


setec tpi dedicates approximately 2M€/year to Research & Development projects, which represents almost the 3% of its turnover


Scientific computation


Innovation is in setec tpi’s DNA, mostly by the understanding and ability in the use of modelling and numerical computing software. Our teams use regularly:

  • Their own numerical tools, adapted to the projects’ requirements
  • Data transfers between design and finite elements computational software in order to meet our clients’ requirements more efficiently
  • Plug-ins (BIM, Data Science…) in order to enhance the tools and technical solutions used to meet our clients’ requirements




setec tpi’s Board of R&D, led by Michel Bué, coordinates the development of powerful and reliable structural engineering computational software. This board is formed by engineers eager to develop new techniques and solutions and provides project teams with expertise and advice working very closely with them. It also organises training sessions as part of the “In-house University” activities in order to share the skills and ability with the computational software and their updates.


Our computational software constantly evolves in order to meet our clients’ technical requirements, which are more challenging every day (repairs, temporary phasing, complex reinforcements, …), and to integrate the regular updates of standards and legislation. Therefore, we implement a test-case validation procedure in order to ensure the reliability of the software at any stage of the project.




setec tpi provides its clients with technically ambitious solutions that combine technical innovation and sustainable development. We do so by the implementation of:

  • Development of smart tools for the optimisation of resources
  • Introduction of low-carbon materials in projects
  • Research of low-carbon solutions and eco-construction

To know more about eco-design at setec tpi (link to page of eco-design)


To know more about eco-design at setec tpi

Setec Labs

In addition to the R&D related activities, setec tpi also takes part in the innovation strategies led by the setec group.

setec Labs  get together employees from different subsidiaries and different technical disciplines but with shared goals: establish relations with start-ups, identify technical or technological trends, develop solutions adapted to specific topics and clients.


Technical and scientific research

setec tpi contributes to the technical and scientific research with actions such as:

  • Association for the development of wooden apartment buildings (ADIV bois in French)
  • Impact data of civil engineering works (DIOGES in French) in partnership with the French Civil Engineering Association (AFGC)
  • Call for expression of interest related to circular economy, funded by the Building and Energy Foundation (FBE in French)

AdivBois – Association for the development of wooden apartment buildings:

  • One of the major advantages of wooden constructions is the reduction of the works’ duration with the consequent reduction of noise, environmental impact and size and cost of foundations.
  • High-rise buildings made with wood stock C02
  • Wood is currently the only construction material 100% renewable (as long as it is obtained via a sustainable forest management)
  • The connexions between the wooden structural elements are made in steel, which stiffness can easily be analysed using our in-house developed software “Pythagore

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