Maroc Telecom is the project client and the tower was designed by the architects Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés and Omar Kobbité Agency in Casablanca.


According to the architectural concept “The tower rises from a large, pure parallelepiped-shaped volume covering the whole surface area. Two prisms are formed by sliding two halves of the volume diagonally, thereby revealing the “original” interior of the form.”

Structurally, this architectural concept reveals a 27-metre cantilever in the upper part of the tower, which constitutes a major technical feature. The tower is topped off by three masts, supporting telecommunications antennae.

The load-bearing structure of the tower is made of high-performance reinforced concrete: a central core of 14m x 20m resisting the wind loads and seismic forces. The vertical loads’ distributions are ensured by this core and by 29 columns along the facade and 6 internal columns.

The upper part of the tower, which incorporates the cantilever, is made of a metal frame. The tower is founded on piles. The design and execution projects were carried out using ELFI calculation models with the wind test being carried out by RWDI.




  • Full structure project design and construction management, including design and execution project verification
  • Preliminary design studies
  • Creation of tender documents
  • Verification of execution documents
  • Specific studies of the three masts on the top of the tower – wind, earthquake, vibration

Key information


Design joint-venture : 

  • Architect : Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés et Omar Kobbite
  • Structure : setec tpi
  • Technical trades : setec bâtiment (studies) and Pyramids (site)
  • Main contractor : SGTM

Coût travaux : 100 000 000 €

Period : 2007 – 2013

©Takuji Shimmura

In a Nutshell

136,50 mhigh
27 mcantilever

Key figures :

  • Office tower comprising 4 levels below ground, 20 floors above ground and an auditorium
  • Dimensions: 52 m x 67 m x 12 m high


Main features :

  • Height of tower with masts: 136.5m
  • Surface area TNFA tower: 27.5m²
  • Surface area TNFA auditorium: 2.3m² (600 seats)
  • Surface area TGFA total (tower, auditorium, carpark): 42.5m²
  • Length of overhang: 27 metres
  • Lifts: 16
  • Number of employees: over 800


A 27 metre overhang at 80 metres above the groiunf and 48 metre masts on the top of the tower :

The upper floor is encircled by a mesh-type metal structure to ensure the stability of the cantilever. The three masts embedded on the central core were subjected of in-depth analysis to verify their aerodynamic and vibratory behaviours with the help of the Nantes CSTB and AVLS. As a result, they are equipped with dynamic vibration absorbers to reduce disturbances.