The Entisar tower is located along the Sheick Zayed Road, Dubai’s main avenue. The 524m tall residential tower consists of a floor surface of 50×55 m. The supporting structure is composed of a central core and columns built from high performance C90 concrete. The columns are connected on four levels to outriggers, also built using C90 concrete, this system stiffens the structure and assures a monolithic core/column behaviour in relation to the building bracing.

Prestressed concrete floors enable a reduction of the floor thickness and thus allow optimization of the space in the tower.

A complete finite element model was used to study the dynamic and static behaviour of the tower. A 3D model (BIM) was developed to produce all the construction drawings for both disciplines, MEP and structure.




setec carried out the preliminary design with an alternative structural solution:

  • Design Development
  • Detailed Design, formwork and reinforcement plan


Key information


Client : Meydan Group

Structures main contractor : setec tpi

Partner : setec bâtiment

Period : 2014-2016

©AE7 Associates / Meydan

In a Nutshell

525,25 m high
300 000 m²gross floor area