Our values


Our key values are : the respect and the support to our clients, the technical excellence and the development of our projects at three levels: sense of community, innovation and the human dimension.

Based on these core values setec tpi is fully engaged with the “Engineers and Citizens” campaign. Launched by the setec group, this campaign aligns with the challenges faced by our society in terms of global warming and ecological transition: eco-design, circular economy and the preservation of natural resources.

Our expertise


setec tpi, as a subsidiary of the setec group, is specialised in civil engineering (transportation, energy, industrial and hydraulic infrastructures), building engineering (especially high-rise buildings), bridges, underground structures, nuclear and defence infrastructures, urban planning, electrical and electromechanical facilities, safety within civil engineering infrastructures and their users, maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructures.



The setec group was created in 1957 in Paris (France) from the passion and vocation of its founders: Henri Grimond and Guy Salas. From the  1960s onwards, the group’s transversal growth with new disciplines defined what it would become, its new structure into one with different subsidiaries. They formed (and still do) an independent engineering multidisciplinary group whose shares are held entirely by its employees. setec tpi was created in 1967.

The history of setec tpi is written by its innovation and technical excellence, by the engagement of its teams and by the shared human values. This can be witnessed in the multiple iconic projects not only in France but also internationally. From the English Channel Tunnel to the Grand Paris Express, as well as the Millau Viaduct, Normandy bridge, the third bridge over the Bosporus, the Mohamed VI bridge in Rabat, the cable-stayed bridge of Brazzaville, new Chirajara bridge in Colombia and the different high-speed railway networks.

Our awards


    • 2015 : FIDIC Merit Award for  Fondation Louis Vuitton à Paris 
    • 2013 : FIDIC Award to the major civil engineering project of the last 100 years for Tunnel sous la Manche
  • SYNTEC – INGENIERIE – Grand Prix National de l’ingénierie
    • 2019 : Grand Prix for the MOE pour la gare EOLE sous le CNIT à la Défense à Paris
    • 2017 : Grand Prix for the High Court of Justice of Paris
    • 2012 : Grand Prix for the Fondation Louis Vuitton à Paris  
    • 2010 : 2e Prix for the Réparation du Tunnel sous la Manche
    • 2009 : 3e Prix for the Pont Grand Ravine 
    • 2009 : Réparation du terminal 2E à Roissy 
    • 2005 : Viaduc de Millau 
  • BIM D’OR 2019 – Tour Hyperion 

Our certifications


  • Certification ISO 9001 : 2015
  • Certification ISO 14001 : 2015
  • Certification OHSAS 18001 : 2007
  • Certification Cefri
  • Qualification EDF UTO
  • Qualification OPQIBI


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