Circular economy for a sustainable development



The natural resources depletion and the human activities impact threaten our civilisation. setec tpi engages in the circular economy  mostly, but not only, because the Building and Transportation Infrastructures economical sector is the biggest consumer of these natural resources, it produces a significant amount of waste that requires managing and produces more than a third of the greenhouse gas emissions.

The circular economy applied to the Building and Transportation Infrastructures: a powerful lever to fight against climate change and the depletion of natural resources.


setec tpi’s multidisciplinary teams (engineers, experts, designers and developers) support the key actors in the planning and construction fields, leaning on the logic of a sustainable development:

  • Eco-design and execution of low-carbon works
  • Comparative analysis of the projects’ life cycles
  • Study of alternative scenarios such as reuse and sustainable and local provisioning
  • Expertise in wood structures
  • Extension of the existing infrastructures’ life duration




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With Europengineers, setec launches a Design Sprint for the reuse of a factory’s structures

Sponsored by Michel Kahan, the group Europengineers organised a design sprint with the reuse as theme in setec’s HQ from the 20th to the 22nd of February 2020. Audrey Zonco, engineering manager from setec tpi, proposed the analysis of the reuse of the steel frames from the Thàles factory in Guyancourt and organised the event.

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Reuse Thesis – CTBUH Congress – Chicago 2019

Construct, deconstruct and advance the reuse of materials: a thesis produced by Ingrid Bertin, baseline of setec’s new approach towards the reversibility of constructions.

Thesis produced with the support of the Jean-Marc Jaeger (setec tpi) and Robert Le Roy (Laboratoire Navier).

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Vade-Mecum Adiv'bois

Our specialists in structural timber design contribute to the scientific and technical research with Adiv’Bois.

Hyperion Tower

Our engineers designed the structures of the Hyperion Tower, a composite timber-concrete structure. The first in France, awarded by the BIM d’Or 2019!

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Broussais Hospital

tpi has led a successful approach of reusing of construction supplies for the re-planning project of the public spaces of the old Broussais Hospital.

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Aurore Tower

The restructuration of the Aurore Tower in La Défense and the increasing of its height by 6 floors.



Mallemort Bridge

The rehabilitation of the Mérindol-Mallemort suspension bridge, built in 1846, is a true challenge, for our teams, passionate, perfectionists and engaged with the preservation of the architectural heritage.

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Kennedy – Marseille Cliff road

The rehabilitation of the Kennedy Cliff road in Marseille, promenade of 1.7km in cantilever over the sea: a technical challenge exceeded by our engineers.


Montparnasse Tower rehabilitation

Provide the Montparnasse Tower with a rebirth: our teams design the new structural elements required to make this project by the nAOM agency happen.

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