The operation is part of the improvements program resulting from the safety file validated by the Road Tunnel Safety Assessment Committee (current CNESOR).


The emergency exists of this project are the last 3 of the aforementioned program (IS 265, 266, 268).


The works carried out are located on the tunnel’s alignment: along the Boulevard Albert 1er in the municipality of Nogent-sur-Marne up until the Place Belveau in Perreux-sur-Marne.


The works include:

  • The creation of 3 new buried emergency exits allowing, in the event of a fire in the tunnel, the evacuation of the users.
  • The equipment necessary for the operation of these exits: ventilation and smoke extraction, lighting, steelwork, etc.




setec tpi’s assignment is to carry out the full Design and Works Project Management of the three emergency exists:

  • Preliminary study (AVP)
  • Project Design (PRO)
  • Tender documents (DCE)
  • Execution studies (EXE-SYNTHESE)
  • Construction Design review (VISA)
  • Supervision of construction works (DET)
  • Assistance to the contractor for the acceptance of works (AOR)
  • Scheduling, control and coordination (OPC).


Key information


Client: DIRIF (Interdepartmental Roads Department)

Project management JV: setec tpi, Ségic

Cost of work: 3.8M € HT

Duration: 2011 – 2019


©setec tpi

The works were split in two2 contracts:

  • Emergency exits 265 and 268
  • Emergency exit 266, the layout of which was particularly complex and which eventually led to the construction of a 60m long underground tunnel under the crossroad.

A complex exit 266

The execution of the emergency exit no.266 was particularly complicate:

  • Very close to the tunnel with a knot of the sanitation network impossible to relocate that caused the relocation of the exit
  • Due to the proximity of the bus station, the SNCF bridge et a projected Grand Paris station, the exit required the execution of an underground gallery located 60m under the Belveau Square
  • A layer of unstable silt right on top of the gallery required a deeper digging than initially planned