The Dakar’s Regional Express Transport (TER in French) project consists of creating a new passenger train line between Dakar’s central station and the new Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD in French).


The new infrastructure uses the previous track superstructure between Dakar and Bamako (Mali) over 36km up until the new town of Diamniadio and from there creates a new line to the airport.


The project comprises a double-track electrified TER line under the UIC standards for the passenger traffic and the modernisation of a third existing non-electrified line for the freight and the traffic of passengers from Thiès.


The infrastructure is expected to allow for a fourth freight line for crossings and other punctual services. The non-electrified tracks are expected to be transformed in UIC standardised track.


The project also comprises the demolition and reconstruction of the rail bridges. The existing road overbridges are maintained and the new required road alignment will be undertaken over new overbridges.


The existing footbridges and stations platforms are demolished and replaced by new ones.



setec tpi ensures the full Design & Construction Project Management of the structures. setec tpi executes a « detailed preliminary design » at the same time as the other rail and road designs. During the works stage, setec tpi executes the construction design verification and the site supervision.


setec tpi, assure la MOE Intégrée des ouvrages d’art. A ce titre la conception des ouvrages se fait dans un AVP + réalisé en simultané avec le reste des études ferroviaires et routières. Lors de la phase travaux, setec tpi assure le visa des études d’exécution et le contrôle des travaux sur site.

Key information



D&C Project Management JV: setec ferroviaire (mandataire), setec tpi, setec international


Duration: 2017 – 2019

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In a Nutshell

19 kmof new line
11new stations
36kmrealignment of existing track

Key features

  • 55km between central Dakar and the new airport (AIBD)
  • 50 bridges and overbridges
  • 30 footbridges
  • 36km realignment of existing track
  • 19 km of new line
  • 11 new stations
  • 1 flying junction

The construction of the TER without affecting the rail traffic

The programme and phasing are the main challenges of this project where the construction of the TER is undertaken while the current rail traffic, both passenger and freight, remains operational.

The structures are conceived based on the requirements of the existing and new track.

The Project Owner expected the inauguration journey to take place on the 14th of January 2019. This objective was achieved.