The two tubes of the Neuilly tunnel, one of four lanes, the other of three, opened in 1990 and 1992 respectively. Their securing is part of the more general one in the region of Ile-de-France of all the underground structures of at least 300m.


The contract aims to harmonise the safety of the tunnel as per the recommendations of the technical instruction of Circular No. 200-63 with regards to safety in French road tunnels.


Key features:

  • Double-tubed urban tunnel with intense traffic, restricted for TDG
  • Tunnel length 440 m
  • Reversible semi-transverse ventilation
  • Two ventilation facilities




setec tpi, in partnership with setec its, undertakes the full Design & Construction Project Management of the securing of the Neuilly tunnel on the RN13 (National Road), in accordance with the recommendations of the technical instruction of circular no. ° 2006-20 relating to safety in road tunnels longer than 300m.


This includes:

  • Diagnosis (DIA)
  • Preliminary design (AVP)
  • Project Design (PRO)
  • Tender documents (DCE)
  • Works execution design (EXE-SYNTHESE)
  • Construction project review and approval (VISA)
  • Supervision of construction works (DET)
  • Assistance to the contractor for the acceptance of works (AOR)
  • Scheduling, control and coordination (OPC).


Key information


Client: DIRIF – Interdepartmental Roads Department

PM JV: setec tpi, setec its

Project cost: 8,2M€

Duration: 2009 – 2015


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