The Bordeaux-Euratlantique project is one of the sub-projects of the city’s “Bordeaux 2030” modernisation programme.

Key figures for the operation:

  • Around 2,500,000 m2 of floor area to be built
  • Around 40,000 new inhabitants
  • Creation of around 30,000 jobs


This programme was created following the launch of the Bordeaux-Paris High-Speed Train line and the desire to increase Bordeaux’s relevance in Europe.

The project is part of a National Planning Interest Operation (NPIO) led by the Euratlantic Public Establishment. The NPIO’s perimeter covers a total area of about 738 hectares, making it one of the largest urban projects in France.

The Planned Development Area (PDA) “Saint Jean Belcier” is one of the geographical areas of the NPIO and covers 145 hectares.





Full design and project management from the guidelines of the framework to the commissioning of the works.

Key information


Client : EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique

JV Partners : setec bâtiment, setec international, setec hydratec, setec énergie environnement, Agence Reichen et Robert & Associés (Architecte urbaniste), Base (Paysagiste), Roland Ribi & Associés (Etudes de déplacement)

Period :  mars 2011 – décembre 2019

©Agence Reichen et Robert & Associés
Landscape loop

The team structured the urban project with a 3.6km landscaped loop, called « le VIP » (Vélo Intermodalité Piéton (Pedestrian Bike Intermodality)). This active mobility route structures the urban project and connects old and new neighbourhoods.
Furthermore, this loop allows the implementation of landscape gutters that collect, store and partially filtrate the stormwater in private and public areas.