The Moulin and Guy Môquet tunnels opened in 1990. This modernisation project was part of a framework for the modernisation of all underground structures of 300m or more.





setec tpi’s assignment is to carry out the full Design & Construction Project Management for the safety standardisation of the tunnels of the Moulin and Guy Môquet in Thiais on the A86, in accordance with the recommendations of the technical instruction of the circular no. 2006-20 relating to the safety of road tunnels longer than 300 m.


This assignment includes the phases:

  • Diagnosis (DIA)
  • Preliminary studies (AVP)
  • Design Project (PRO)
  • Tender documents (DCE)
  • Execution studies (EXE-SYNTHESE)
  • Construction Design review (VISA)
  • Supervision of construction works (DET)
  • Assistance to the contractor for the acceptance of works (AOR)
  • Scheduling, control and coordination (OPC).


Key information


Client: DIRIF (Interdepartmental Roads Department)

Project management JV: setec tpi, Ségic

Project cost: 22M€

Duration: 2014 – 2018


©setec tpi

In a Nutshell

11new emergency exits
1,542mtotal length (two tubes)
28,000m2fire passive protection

Key features:

  • 2 three-way unidirectional tubes
  • Lengths of 936 m and 606 m
  • Longitudinal ventilation with 2 acceleration batteries per tunnel and per direction
  • 3 technical rooms

G3 fire calculations

setec tpi has developed a calculation tool (Pythagore software fire module) which makes it possible to perform G3 level calculations for the checking of structures (nonlinear thermo-mechanical calculation).


Thanks to this G3 level and by a very detailed modelling of the concerned  structure (formwork and reinforcement), it is possible to optimise the thermal protections to be implemented ensuring the required levels of fire resistance.