The bridge for the extension of the T1 metro line in Lyon, located between the Museum of Confluences and the Berges park, is a 262m-long arch bridge with a central span of 15M under the arch. It crosses the Rhône diagonally with both edge spans in curve and counter-curve.


This steel structure is composed by two arches with a vertical inclination of 10° over the deck for the integration of the two T1 lines over the deck. These two arches are connected to the deck via two longitudinal beams, and these beams are transversally linked by the deck elements in cantilever. Over this deck cantilever and segregated from the tram tracks, the bridge incorporates the lanes for the softer transport systems (pedestrians, bicycles, …)


This bridge became an architectural landmark in Lyon allowing the tram users to discover a new view of the Rhône. It allows as well the citizens and tourists of the city to walk from Gerland towards the “island” and discover the merge of the Rhône and Saône rivers.




The Joint Venture setec tpi/setec als/ A. Spielmann provides the full Design and Construction Project Management for the execution of the structure and its urban planning.



Key information

Client: SYTRAL

D&C PM JV: setec tpi, setec als, Alain Spielmann (architect)

Duration: 2010 – 2014


©setec tpi

In a Nutshell

262mtotal length
17.50mheight of arches