The Croix-Rousse tunnel is located in Lyon, under the Croix-Rousse hill, between the Rhône and Saône rivers, allowing to connect the city’s East and West. It consists of a single tube, double-lane,  bidirectional urban tunnel, with a length of 1,753m and an average traffic flow rate of 55,000 vehicles/day.


Opened in 1952, the structures didn’t meet the standards anymore. However, apart from the safety concerns required to be dealt with as per this renewal project, the Client wished to provide it with more ambitious urban and environmental objectives, ensuring a better insertion in the new city grid. The second tube, parallel to the first, becomes more than just an emergency gallery. It becomes a true link between two banks of the city, between the Rhône and the Saône rivers, in line with the new transport systems used by the citizens of Lyon.


This second tube is exclusively reserved to the circulation of public transport but also softer transport systems like cycles and pedestrians, segregated from the buses and using the centre of the gallery section. In fact, this second tube is also equipped with multimedia equipment that projects animated artistic pieces




Full Design & Construction Project Management as part of the Design & Build Joint Venture, for the design and construction supervision of:

  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Secondary ventilation
  • Fire extinguishing water utilities
  • Infiltration water utilities
  • Doors and small steel elements


Key information


Client: Grand Lyon

Design & Build Joint Venture: Dodin Campenon Bernard / Cegelec / setec / Strates

Contract fees: 282 M€


  • Design: 2008-2010
  • Works: 2010-2013


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