The EPADESA (Etablissement Public d’Aménagement de la Défense Seine Arche), the Defense Seine Arche urban planning public agency, awarded the project for the design and urban planning services of the Groues District to a group of designers led by the architect Mathis Güller. The objective of this project is to provide the different sectors of this district with common urban goals in space and time with the arrival of new transportation infrastructures like EOLE in the horizon.


The Groues district is located in the intersection of the Seine-Arche and the intertown North-South axis. This district will be directly connected with the one of La Defense and will provide additional functions to it. Furthermore, the Groues development will serve as exit of Nanterre’s 11th quarter and will be the centre of other urban spaces under transformation (Les Terrasses, le Cœur du quartier, la Garenne Colombes, the university, …).




setec tpi provides technical feasibility and preliminary design services of the 50ha joint development zone (ZAC in French). Following the study of the ZAC’s objectives, planning and challenges, setec tpi met with the local stakeholders to set out the project’s Master Scheme. This includes the utilities schematic drawing, the report and the Planner’s project’s cost estimate.


setec tpi intervenes as well in:

  • Assessment of the soil contamination and environmental challenges
  • Optioneering for the financial forecasting
  • Change of the urban planning local masterplan
  • Additional technical services (pre-feasibility study of some sectors, interfaces with the track alignment project, structures, drainage, structures, …)
  • Urban, architectural, landscape and environmental specifications
  • Coordination of the Design & Construction Project Management contract tendering


Key information



Architect: Mathis Güller

Setec partners: setec organisation

JV partners : HYL Paysagiste, Alphaville, Concepto, Franck Boutté Consultant, mrs Partner

Duration:  June 2014 – December 2018


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