The Seine – Nord Europe Channel (CSNE in French) consists of the execution of a 107 km river infrastructure between the Oise region in France and the Dunkerque-Escaut channel.


This channel constitutes a high gauge waterway link that was missing in the European grid, between the Seine river basin in the north of France and the Northern Europe. Located over the North Sea – Mediterranean corridor, the Seine – North Europe channel is the central link of the Seine – Escaut project, currently one the prioritised projects in Europe.




Setec, in a partnership with Royal Haskoning DHV (project’s lead engineering consultant), supports the project owner in the project execution and its steering.


Setec will provide with the services listed below for a duration of 12 years, from creation of the project’s programme, requirements and objectives, to the first year after the commissioning.

Key information


Client: Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe

Joint Venture: setec organisation (leader), setec international, setec tpi, setec hydratec, Royal Haskoning DHV

Fees:  4 800 000 000 €

Dates: 2015 – 2027

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In a Nutshell

107 kmlength
The project’s main feautures are:

  • CEMT gauge: Vb
  • Length: 107 km + general width: 54 m
  • Water depth: 4.5m
  • Earthworks: 57M m3
  • 1 reservoir: 14M m3 + 7 locks
  • 1.3km channel-bridge over the Somme river + Channel bridges over the A26/A29
  • 61 structures + 4 logistic docking areas

The organisation established by the Support to Project Owner team is formed by 15 to 43 full time equivalents depending on the project phase. The main three operational sections of this team are: Project Management, Technical and Consultation & Communication.


Furthermore, this permanent team leans on the expertise of other transverse 9 teams of experts.