The C33 Building located in Colomiers (Haute Garonne) is warehouse dedicated to paint A320, A330 and A350 type airplanes. AIRBUS needs 8 basket-cranes for this use.


These are special overhead traveling cranes, suspended from the roof and each equipped with a telescopic basket, made up of:

  • A work platform designed to accommodate 5 workers and their equipment,
  • A telescopic column, rigidly linked to the platform. The whole equipment enables a rotational movement around the vertical axis,
  • A trolley, moving along the beams of the overhead crane.


The combination of these different elements makes it possible to carry out with each platform all the movements (translation, direction, rotation, lifting) necessary for sanding and painting operations on all exterior surfaces of the airplanes.





During the Studies phase :

setec tpi carried out the following missions:

  • Feasibility study of the displacement of the central running rails in order to solve the problem of dust accumulation on the aircraft fuselage,
  • Project-level studies for the definition of the specifications relating to the replacement of the nacelle bridges,
  • Definition of technical requirements.
  • Drafting of the business consultation file (DCE).


During the Works phase :

setec tpi carried out the following missions:

  • Technical assistance to the Client for operations prior to acceptance (OPR).




The Essentials


Client :  AIRBUS