The Ile de France Interdepartmental Road Directorate (DIRIF) undertook the hazard-proofing of 22 tunnels. Among these, the underground complex of Nanterre – La Défense was a major 15 km-long construction that linked two major highways: the A14 and the A86.


Hazard-proofing work included: the building of additional emergency exits, the installation of 300,000 m2 of fire protection, the redesign of high-voltage and low-voltage networks, ventilation and centralized technical management, and the setting up and maintenance of intelligent lighting.


Close collaboration between all staff enabled complex planning that led to successful night-shift tunnel construction.





setec tpi co-led the engineering design (2010) and the site supervision (2010-2012). Previously, in 2009, setec undertook the preliminary design as part of the same JV.


setec’s assignment focused on:

  • Technical studies
    • The structures’ fire resistance
    • The ventilation
    • High-voltage facilities
  • Works planning based on the Minimum Requirements of Operations
  • Preliminary and Safety Files
  • Site Operations File
  • The technical coordination within the Group’s Project Management team


Key information


Client: DIRIF – Interdepartmental Directorate of Roads

Cost of projet : 110M€

Design & Construction PM JV: setec, Bouygues TP, SPIE Batignolles, Vinci Energies, AXIMA SEITHA, and COTEBA

Duration: Jan. 2010 – August 2012


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In a Nutshell

15km of underground lanes
28 air circulation plantsrevamped
300,000m2 of fireproofing