The EPR UK project comprises the construction of two units at the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. This plant is composed by a nuclear island and a conventional island. The HM building is part of the conventional island and it houses the turbine-generator set, the moisture separator/reheaters (GSS), the condenser and the feedwater plant, and the associated support systems.


The building has two sections:

  • a lower section containing the GTA installations in the central area, with other equipment and pipeline systems on various intermediate floors on the periphery
  • an upper section above the turbine floor, containing the heavy handling equipment necessary for the assembly and maintenance of equipment



setec tpi produced the design of the reinforcement and of the crack width for the HM raft and pits. Atkins provided input data in the Abaqus format containing the efforts calculated on the FEM model.


setec tpi’s undertook the calculations using our in-house developed software ARMATEC, which can perform various types of calculations: reinforcement, stresses, crack widths…


Since we are the software developers, we have the possibility to perform all the calculations needed, even if these have not yet been implemented in the software. Our results are based on a solid software validation process, positive return of experience of numerous clients and more than 17 years of use experience.



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Duration: 2016 – 2017


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