The Hinkley Point nuclear plant of Hinkley Point is located near the town of Bridgewater, in England. It is divided in three sections: A, B & C. Our design concerns Hinkley Point C (HPC), which comprises two units (Unit 1 and Unit 2), similar but not identical.


The Radioactive Waste Building is divided, within the Unit 1, in two independent parts: the HQA (the Radioactive Waste Storage Building) and the HQB (the Radioactive Waste Process Building). The HQC Building, within the Unit 2, is an extension of the Nuclear Auxiliary Building (HN).


The HQB is a reinforced concrete structure with the following dimensions:

  • Foundation slab: 37.0 m x 38.2 m x 21.7 m
  • Slab width: 1.3m
  • Other slabs’ widths: from 0.1m to 1m
  • Walls’ widths: from 0.2m to 1.1m




The services provided by setec tpi concern the general design studies (phase D1) of the HQB building of the section C of the Hinkley Point nuclear plant.


These studies comprise:

  • A general assumptions and methods report based on the Eurocodes, the ETC-C AFCEN, the UK Companion Guide, the British national appendices and the EDF CNEN/SEPTEN documents.
  • An overlaying report (verification of the model’s geometry)
  • A modelling report
  • A loading report
  • A soil-structure report
  • A verification report for the validity of the linear model (delamination of the foundation slab)
  • A construction phasing report
  • A report introducing the reinforcement cartography
  • A report introducing the crack openings



Key information


  • Client: CNEN (Centre National d’Etudes Nucléaires)
  • Partners: terrasol
  • Duration: August 2015 – August 2017


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