The Chambon Dam is a gravity dam type structure, made of Cyclopean concrete without reinforcements (except crowning and sidewalks), built between 1930 and 1935. It is 90ml high for a total length, at the 293ml crown level.


The upstream facing is vertical and shows a 5% inwards inclination in the current zone. The downstream facing is vertical on the upper 5 ml and then slopes to present an inwards inclination of 70% to 75%. The slope straightens to 23% in the lower part.




setec tpi carried out all of the project execution studies, including :

  • The sizing of the 1,382 carbon bands
  • Calculation of 411 stainless steel anchoring devices
  • Calculation of 411 prestressed tie rods
  • Production of all formwork and reinforcement plans

Key information

Client: EDF

PM group: EDF / Tonello (Execution studies : setec tpi)

Construction Company: Bouygues TPRF

Duration: Déc. 2012 – Nov. 2013

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In a Nutshell

411prestressed anchors