The High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider – HL-LHC Project is a major upgrade of the LHC, in order to increase its capacities after 2025. The objective is to achieve 10 times more particle collisions than the current LHC.


The Works include the construction of a shaft  (60 m deep and 10 m internal diameter), an underground cavern (50 m long and 18 m diameter), more than 500 m of tunnels connected in several points to the existing LHC tunnel (2 emergency escape connections, and several vertical cores for the new networks).


The project also includes five industrial buildings and their technical galleries.




ORIGIN Joint-Venture (setec as leader, CSD Ingénieurs SA, and Rocksoil SpA), was awarded the full Civil Engineering Consultancy Services of the Project at Point 1, in Switzerland.



Key information


Client: CERN – Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire

Design & Works Project Management JV: setec (leader), CSD Ingénieurs SA, Rocksoil SpA

Partners setec: terrasol, setec ALS, diadès, LERM

Architects: Felix, Stämpfli (ASS), Jean-Luc Chapel (JLCA), Léo Dadolle (CSD)

Project fees: 70 000 000 €

Duration: Août 2016 – Déc. 2024

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In a Nutshell

60mshaft depth
50mgallery lenght